Assurance Policy

LANDALUCE, S.A. assures that the implemented quality control policy satisfies all demanded requirements by UNE-EN-ISO 9001/2015 and pursues the following objectives:

• To Maintain a Quality System of products and services up to customers needs and expectations, increase customer's satisfaction at the lowest possible costs and at the same time fulfilling all legal requirements and regulations.

• Manufacturing of pressure equipment CE marked, according to the directive for pressure equipment (PED 2014/68/UE).

• Integration of all company departments in the quality of products an services through staff training, process descriptions including procedures and instructions.

• Improvement of the general productivity focussed on time reduction of all phased product and service processes and less process incidents in general.

• Integration of our customers and suppliers within the quality system as an additional link of our process.

• Addressing risks and opportunities and outlining annual quality targets quarterly reviewed, to adapt the system to the observed deviations.

• Formation of annual quality objectives and it´s quarterly revisions to adapt the system according to observed deviations.

• Continuous improvements of processes and products, solving incidents and non-conformities and to take the necessary corrective and preventive actions.

• Evolution of our Quality System through internal audits to certify the development of our quality system.

• Assurance of the Quality System assigning corresponding responsibilities to each of the involved company staff members.

The Management approves and supports the total contents of the present manual, charging the responsible person of the quality control without delegations, with the good operation of the established quality system; reason for which they require all company workers to fulfil and apply the principles, instructions and procedures established in this manual. For this purpose this policy has been informed to all personnel and understood by them. This policy is reviewed annually to maintain it constant suitability.

José Antonio Landaluce Fuentes. Manager

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