Both for greenfield projects or existing plants Landaluce can supply modern brewhouses with the latest technology.

Normal scope of supply will include the modern premasher that Landaluce has design in order to improve the mixing while reducing part of the oxygen transported with the grain.

mash filter and the best technology

Landaluce will include in the brewhouse the mash filter which is the preferred choice of most of the breweries due to his high productivity and yield. However, for specific projects and when requested by the clients Landaluce can also supply Lauter tuns.

The Landaluce brewhouses will include the best technology not only to obtain a high-quality product but being energy efficient and with low operational cost.

upgrading projects of an existing plant

Landaluce will also participate in projects where upgrading of an existing plant is needed. When a plant needs to be moved from one location to another Landaluce has demonstrated also to be the right partner.

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